Creative Intention and Vision for 2012


Creative Bliss

Wonder, Awe, Curiosity, Joy, Fulfillment,

Satisfaction, Power, Voice, Love, Appreciation, Flow, Wholeness , Source Knowledge, Beauty,

Light, Imagination, Childlike , Newness, Learning,

Freedom ,

Expansion , Inspiration ,Versatility, Possibilities , Presence, Hope , Healing , Fun

Meditative, Experimentation, Sensuality,

Intuitive , Energy , Connection ,

 Self expression , Self Awareness , Playfulness , Trans-formative, Freedom

Gratitude, Letting go of Perfection, Originality,Vision, Possibilities, Sharing, Giving, Knowing, Inner Wisdom, Beauty, Self Expression, Authenticity,

Sheer Joy of Creating

What does Creativity mean to you?

What do you dream of creating in your life that will make you feel fully alive, whole and authentic? What are your creative intention and vision for 2012? What can you do to manifest that creative dream?

My creative intention

To use my own art and creativity to explore my own inner process

To start a creative journal and actually work in it instead of creating a pretty journal.

To facilitate more women’s creative groups and teach workshops.

Explore the social neworking and connect to creative groups be involved not alone in my studio.

To do more spiritual process and creativity and allow my inner imagery to express through my work (create powerful art)

To create even more projects and art programs for my students.

Work towards and prepare for becoming a Creative Coach. Next step in my work as an artist.. Reach out to others.

To start doing Art and Soul groups and retreats

Expand my website and be more active in my blogs. (Create more interesting blogs and connect with other bloggers)

Connect with other artists and join Artist Gallery. Get involved with the First Friday events.

Start working to create my online store (sell my art)

Find a bigger studio so I can do bigger classes and have my own gallery


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