Daily Creating

I launched the daily painting/ creating this past year and I am pleased to write that it was a success! The people who joined seem very involved with their creative process and supporting one another. This is one of the reasons that I created the group. I really believe that all artists need support and can learn from one another’s process.

  Image As someone who is always creating in many forms, I needed the connection with other artists doing the same. I wanted to form a group of women who wanted to connect with other women artists. I also wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of the creative expression as well as the process we all experience as we create. I believe also that we need to become aware of our process so that when we meet a block we will be able to use the tools as well as our own practice to break through that block…

I think also that developing and reinforcing our own creative practice is a method where by we tap into communicate and strengthen that creative spirit within each one of us . .

This is exciting for me and I am truly honored that other artists joined in the creative journey….This is why I plan to reform this creative project again in 2016. This will be open to all creatives in whatever form, material or technique that you work in as a creative. I hope you join and if you email me at joyof_art@msn.com  I will send you information. This will be a group creative challenge, not a class.  You can also reach me through:

Joy of Art on Facebook

See you in 2016.


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