Thirty Days of Drawing

Begins August 1st

30 Days Drawing Challenge for those who want reinforcement in their own drawing practice. You can post your drawings daily here or on my blog and receive drawing prompts here. I will offer encouragement for those of you who might fall behind, need inspiration or have no idea what to draw. All media is open in the challenge, but I find just drawing in pencil is easier and faster when doing it each day. My subject will be faces, but you can use any subject you want for the challenge.

I am doing this challenge for a lot of reasons. Personally, I need to draw more so I know will get me in my studio every day. I also firmly believe that if you draw more regularly you will improve your skills dramatically. I am sharing this with you because I would like to open up the challenge to other artists who want to join me. If you have questions please post here. It is going to be fun and a great way to expand your creativity and hone your own drawing skills. Open to all levels.

Become a member and participate more in my other offers.



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